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Gulf Aviation road fleet has been replenished with new 35,000 liters refueling truck

Petrocas Fuel Services Georgia has purchased a new and most modern refueling truck, which was produced on a special request by the leader of this industry - "ProFlo Industries" (part of the leading world service group PrimeFlight Aviation Services). "ProFlo Industries" provides major world free demo slots airports and service companies with the refueling equipment built with the last standards and technologies, now brought to Georgian airports. 


The new refueling truck is equipped with a 35000-liter stainless steel tank, the latest generation filtration system, an overflow and fuel level control system, that has ability to monitor the content of impurities and water in the fuel free demo slot games and determine the temperature and specific gravity of the fuel, as well as achieve maximum automation and process control. 


The special equipment will allow the company to improve the safety and speed of the fuel delivery process for airlines. 


The new refueling truck fully complies with the latest international IATA and JIG standards, as well as main characteristics include the following:

  • Mercedes 6x4 Chassis
  • Stainless Steel Tank
  • free demo slots Refueling rate is up to 1100 liters per minute
  • Compliance with fire protection standards NFPA 407 and JIG-12
  • Ultrasonic Tank Level System with Digital Contents Display
  • High and High-High Level shutdown system
  • 7th Edition Filter Monitor Vessel with Air Eliminator, High DP Shutdown (keyed per JIG)
  • Positive Displacement Meter with Electronic Register Head and Rate of flow per JIG

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