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Gulf Cares About Stray Dogs

As a social responsibility measure, Gulf shall accommodate a special area on the gas station grounds and take care of stray dogs. At the initial stage, accommodation of 60 dogs is planned, among them a mother dog with nine puppies. The dogs’ free demo slot games number shall increase eventually.


Within the campaign, each dog shall be vaccinated and checked and monitored by the professional veterinary.


For each dog, a special winter dog hut shall be prepared which then shall be installed on the stations in Tbilisi and the regions. The dogs will be fed on special quality dog food and get other necessary care.


slot demo gacor “Today, the problem of the stray dogs is quite pressing in our country. In my opinion, taking care of them is the responsibility of our society. Given that a few dogs have gotten used to and tamed at some of our gas stations where gas operators have been increasingly taking care of them at their own will and expense, we as company demo casino games online decided to get involved and tackle the issue in a more complex way. Humans must appreciate animals better, we must love them and share with them our warmth and food. That way, we become better and so does the environment”, – said Nino Jibladze, Head of Marketing & PR at Gulf Georgia.


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