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Establishment of Petrocas Energy Group

The Petrocas journey began in 2009, free demo slots when industry professionals in oil trading, logistics and storage created a diversified company to provide top of the line logistics solutions in the slot demo gacor . In short period of time Petrocas managed to position itself as regional transit expert and service provider.


Launch of Retail Petroleum Business – Gulf Oil International

In November 2010, Petrocas acquired a full operating license from Gulf Oil International and launched Gulf Georgia, which a decade later with 150 branded stations and the largest convenience store operator became a market leader in retail sector of Georgia.


Channel Energy – Poti Oil Terminal

In 2011, Petrocas acquired an oil terminal in Georgia’s Black Sea Poti Port. The Channel Energy oil terminal is entirely unique in Georgia, and one of the most modern on the Black Sea coast, and the backbone of the Group’s trading, logistics, aviation and retail activities.


Trading Activities

Petrocas has commenced its trading operations by sourcing and suppling Caspian origin oil products to end users system in Europe. Petrocas Trading became one of the key suppliers to Afghanistan peace mission.


Gulf Aviation

The most recent addition to Petrocas’ diversified business portfolio is the aviation fueling business – Gulf Aviation, which was established in September 2017. Gulf Aviation provides high quality aviation fuel along with top of the line fueling services through our own infrastructure and integrated supply chain in all of Georgia’s international and domestic airports.


Acquisition of Rosneft's Minority Stake in the Petrocas Group

May 2022 marked another milestone of Petrocas, by closing of a transaction entered into May 11, 2022 on acquisition of 49% minority stake of Rosneft Oil Company in Petrocas Energy Group


Today and Tomorrow

Since its inception, Petrocas Energy Group has become a full-fledged holding company which sources, supplies and stores petroleum products to satisfy the diverse needs of clients and end-users. The Group continues to strive to bridge future energy as the Caspian Basin, the Black Sea and the Mediterranean are poised to grow as some of the world’s most important petroleum arteries.